Children are the future - but for now - they are our responsibility. We believe this is a calling from the Lord and therefore remain committed to provide a place of safety for children who find themselves in dire need. But what does every boy or girl dream about? Being a King and Queen off course!

To many this is but a child’s dream, to us, we believe that all children are Kings and Queens in God’s Heavenly Kingdom.

Some children don’t know this, especially if you’ve only known about the hardship and pain life can offer, but as a child of God, you are chosen as a child of His Majesty and wrapped in his love no matter who you are.

This is where we come in. We are committed to help and improve the lives of children by taking care of them and showing them the world we believe children should be living in. Nothing is easy and with hard work and dedication – and a “little” guidance and help from above - we know we can make a difference and change the lives of our future by crowning them as Kings and Queens today!