Founder Heleen Pieterse received word from God earlier this year:
1st Sep 2016
Visit from a queen
5th Dec 2016

Two more on board

Three months ago, founder Anneri Wasserfall fetched two children at the Goodwood court, her mind racing with a thousand questions…how they will fit in, how will her own kids respond to them, what challenges there will be this time.  And all the practical things a mother thinks about…clothes, shoe sizes, sleeping arrangements, school placements and more.

As at all the times before, a voice start reminding her of all the previous warnings:  “Be careful not to get too attached to them, guard your heart, protect your family.”  But then the Lord Jesus calmed her fears with the words – “my child, I will enable you to love them fully, not withholding anything.  I will protect your family, your children and when it is time to let go, you heart will break again but I’m holding you together, keeping you close and will heal your heart until it is time for the next child that needs your family.”

Isn’t that exactly what Jesus did for us, loving us one hundred percent, withholding nothing, giving up His life for us that we may experience life, and life in abundance!

So today, as she looks at these two beautiful children, fully settled in the family, her kids loving them, they radiate with love, peace and enjoy being just a child!