FOSTER CARE – The good, the bad and the ugly
8th Jun 2017
Finding my Place of Safety
19th Feb 2018


I’m so thankful for a forgiving Father!


God promises us that He will bring good from the storms of devastation in our lives. He reminds us in His word that there is great gain when we face painful times, as difficult as it may be.

And yet, I’m ever so aware of this when my heart is broken in a million pieces – it’s never easy, it never gets any easier!


Necessary? Yes, if we wish to grow deeper in God.


Worth it? YES!


No one wishes for hard times in life. No one asks for suffering or heartaches. No one longs to walk through deep rivers of hurt, rejection and pain, or try to find our own way out of the darkness of confusion and doubt.

Yet we all go through each of those at least twice in our lives. We know this to be true. It’s all a part of life. Maybe that’s why God reminds us over and over in His word that trials are a part of our spiritual journey? It’s what makes us stronger, gives us endurance and builds our faith. He tells us not to be surprised at the troubles we face, but to “keep on rejoicing.”


Yet every time we have to be reminded of this again?

Our storms might look different in this life, but they all offer us the opportunity to change us, forever. And God takes what seems tragic and devastating and turns it around for good. Not always the way we would have wanted BUT always for the best. It may not happen as quickly as we’d like, it may feel like a struggle and we might find ourselves longing for another way, but blessing will come from it. For it’s the way God works. The “good” will shine through.


And we won’t ever be the same again!

For the person who eventually walks out of the storm will be different than the one who walked in. We can be assured that God’s work within us is never for harm, but to strengthen us, to build deeper character and faith and to bring us out as “gold,” leaving lasting impressions for His glory in this world.  He’s with us. Right in the midst of it all.


For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.” [Romans 8:18]


God is truly attentive to our prayers!