26th Jul 2017
4th May 2018

Finding my Place of Safety

A big part of my recent years has been ruled by fear. Afraid of going to the hospital, afraid of not getting to the hospital in time, afraid of every possible thing that could happen to me. I had countless fears until a spirit of fear controlled a big part of my life.
Over the period of these years, I was reminded over and over again that God had put me in a place of safety I had yearned for, for so many years. Not only did I not recognize it at the time, I was complaining about it. The truth is that the will of God is a place of safety. But that doesn?t mean anything bad will ever happen. It means that even when something bad does happen, we can stand tall knowing God’s hand of protection and peace is in it.
God’s peace and safety are not things I ever want to take for granted. But the good news for us who believe in God and have received His Son and live in His will, we will not live in darkness about this. We will not be taken by surprise. That’s because we are sons and daughters of the light. We are no longer in the dark. Because we have Jesus, we have the light of His Holy Spirit in us revealing important things to us.
We don?t have to live in fear and anxiety about the future when we are walking with God. He will always take us to a place of safety. God can even turn the place where we are into a place of safety when we turn to Him. Or He may lift us out of it, or walk us through it to the place of safety He has for us. God’s place of ultimate safety can be found in trusting Him and staying in His light and His will.