Vrouedag, 2018
8th Aug 2018
Can I be honest? On days like these I hate foster care.
8th Sep 2020

When tough gets tougher…

‘God will never give us more than what we can handle,’ is often used when we are
facing life challenges, or trials.

Most of the time, the greater the cause, the greater the risk of challenges much like everything else in life. However, knowing that God hardly ever calls us to risk our lives for anything meaningless but rather for the sake of the gospel or to bring blessings to other people; does that make the challenge any easier? No.

Does it mean you will never fail in the execution of the task? Does it mean you will not mess up?

No. It doesn’t mean that. If we had perfect reliance on all that He is for us in Christ, we would pass every test glowingly, but God does not promise that kind of reliance on His omnipotent grace because where would our spiritual growth be if it was so easy?

Well then, what is being promised when He says that we will always have, with every test, an escape and we will have sufficient grace for every good work? I suspect His promise is ultimately this: God will never let us stumble or fail so hard that we don’t recover and repent and can’t be restored.

So, here’s the bottom-line. God makes his grace overflow to us so we will be equipped for every good work given to us. God’s grace gives us the tools we need to preach the Gospel and speak about the hope we have in Christ.  (2 Cor 9:8.)