Our Story

The very Beginning

Early 2015 I received a dream from the Lord: I arrived on a farm in a mini truck, and as I walked over the green grass I could see men from their home church busy with a very detailed border for a shelter they were erecting. From the right side an angry farmer came across the grass, clearly upset with the men working on his property. I talked with him and walked towards the farm house. Inside the farm house (suddenly a mini ICU setup) was a registered nurse struggling with two unstable children both on ventilators. I immediately without words started working alongside her until both children were stabilised. As I moved towards the door to leave the farmer came towards me with the words: “you can use my property for whatever the Lord leads you to”.

As from there we waited in anticipation on what to do next. We visited LIV village in KwaZulu-Natal to learn from them, and also connected with KIN-Culture that also share their dream and is busy with a village near Stellenbosch.

We presented the little information that we had to our home church in July 2015, most of them volunteered to be actively involved in this process and dream, and four volunteered to work with me on a board of directors to register a Non-Profit –Company and Organisation to start with Kings and Queens. We are thankful to be fully registered as a NPC (2015/414478/08 ), PBO (930052461) and NPO (174-533).

What an exciting but overwhelming and humbling dream and assignment! All the Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ, the centre of this dream!

Our Vision

To establish a place of safety/cluster foster care for children in need of care and offer protection where they can discover their true identity in Christ Jesus as Kings and Queens of our heavenly Kingdom with the council of the Holy Spirit.

Our Mission/Objectives:

To create a safe, loving and therapeutic environment to children in need of care and protection according to the Children’s Act 38 of 2005 section 150 by providing:

  • A safe residential care program and/or temporary safe care.
  • A child with stimulation appropriate to their developmental age by early childhood development programs, educational programs and sport activities (developmental programs)
  • Healthcare, counselling, moral regeneration programs and developing life-skills (therapeutic programs)
  • Permanency plans by providing programs to re-unite healthy families by sustaining contact with parents and families, working in partnership with different supportive services (interdenominational Christian church communities, business communities, community organizations and government departments) to rehabilitate and address specific areas of need.

The team


Anneri Wasserfall


As long as I can remember I had a passion for children in need and always dreamed as a little girl of providing for, and helping them. I qualified in 2001 as a medical doctor and met my husband during my internship (2002) and got married in January 2003. Starting a career and family became my life and I had to shift my dream a bit to the back ground. When our first son was born in 2006 and then our girl in 2009 my dream surfaced again and I started talking about it with my husband. Concerned that our children were too small at the time, we decided to put my dream on hold until our children were a bit older. In 2013 we registered as a place of Safety with Badisa, and in December 2013 we received our first foster child. Soon we became more and more inundated with request to foster children as there was such a big demand. Finally we put our heads together and decided to go big and make the best of what we can to help these children of God find a place of refuge and safety. My dream started to become a reality…

Zendre van Eck


Zendré van Eck is first and foremost a mother. Zendré has also proven over the years to be a successful business woman whom has started her career with the South African Police Force. After 8 years she opted for a corporate role at a multi international bank in Johannesburg, Standard Chartered Bank in Consumer Banking. At SCB she rapidly established a name for herself and was involved in the formation of their Agricultural Finance department. In 2012, after 14 years (which included other private companies in the Agricultural and Finance sectors), she left her corporate career and focused all her attention on her life calling and passion; to care for children in need. She has since established a place of safekeeping for infants and children, and on weekends provides additional classes for Grade 1 to 4 pupils at a Primary school in Khayelitsha in the Western Cape district.

Heleen Pieterse


Devoted mother, loyal wife and a passion to see children become a whole person again and restored back to who God created them to be. This is Heleen Pieters’ greatest passion, and why this mother of three has made it her life’s passion to use her skills as a registered nurse with experience in ICU, Cathlab and Research to do God’s work. Heleen is also active in part-time ministry and keeps her day busy by home schooling all three her children!

Beukes Kotze


“To me it feels like I was schooled for a long time to be part of Kings and Queens” Beukes feels honoured to be a servant in the Christian Kingdom. He is married and is the proud dad of two wonderful children. Qualified in the engineering field, Beukes is renowned for his: “do it yourself” attitude, as is echoed by friends “Prof Kallie” and “Chef Fruity”. Being around children and being a helping hand where needed resonates exactly with Beukes’ active and healthy lifestyle ad who he is as a person.

Gerhard du Preez


“To be of service in the Kingdom of God is such a blessing and honour” Gerhard has been married for 19 years to his beautiful wife. Together they have 2 daughters whom they love very much. Being told as a young couple that it will be near impossible to have a family of their own was a tremendous shock. Fortunately God had other plans, and now the du Preez family is blessed with two wonderful and healthy children running around the house. Gerhard welcomes everyone to be partner through Kings and Queens and together we can make a difference. “Come and join our journey today!”


Many thanks to the


that support the Dream

A lot of people have made sacrifices to help Kings & Queens what it is today.

We want to thank everyone for placing their trust and faith in our dream and for supporting us to make a difference in the lives of the children in our care.

Thank you to our Sponsor; Vredelust Church, No. 87, 13th Avenue, Bellville 7530