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16th Feb 2017

Off to school

And so we start off 2017 with a big bang – our big boy *Allan’s first day in grade one! He is so excited and eager […]
16th Feb 2017

Let us cast our net deeper in 2017…

The same river that Peter spent the entire night without catching any fish, is the same river where they caught thousands of fish in the morning. […]
16th Dec 2016

Droom op die horison

“God, give me fresh eyes today – ones that can see what is possible….” God wys ‘n kiekie Gedurende Augustus het direkteur Heleen Pieterse die oggend […]
5th Dec 2016

Visit from a queen

We were privileged to host a little girl called Magda* at the Kings & Queens NPC for about 3 months (March 15 – June 21). We […]