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1st Sep 2016

Founder Heleen Pieterse received word from God earlier this year:

DEUTERONOMY 11 NLT 11 Rather, the land you will soon take over is a land of hills and valleys with plenty of rain – 12 a […]
4th Dec 2016

Two more on board

Three months ago, founder Anneri Wasserfall fetched two children at the Goodwood court, her mind racing with a thousand questions…how they will fit in, how will […]
5th Dec 2016

Visit from a queen

We were privileged to host a little girl called Magda* at the Kings & Queens NPC for about 3 months (March 15 – June 21). We […]
5th Dec 2016

Introducing our friends PBO and NPO

Great news!  The PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) registration has been completed and approved and we are now able to provide Section 18A certificates when a donation […]